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see how it works3

see how it works3

see how it works3
Product Overview

System crashes, file corruptions, virus infections...could take hours to days to repair. MagiCure eliminates the hassles and headaches of troubleshooting common PC problems by instantly returning the PC to hours or days before the onset of the problems. Don't waste your time troubleshooting PC problems!



Why MagiCure?

Why waste time fixing common PC problems?  Just UNDO it all with a single Click of MagiCure

  • Reverse any system crash (even if Windows can't startup)
  • Backout of any failed software installations, botched update etc.
  • Reverse user errors manually, or set Restore-on-Reboot or Log-off
  • Roll backwards and forwards to any system snapshot
  • Allows users to safely test any lesbians having sex software. Fast, 100% clean uninstaller
  • Retrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows can not boot
  • Automatically schedule snapshots or hard drive restores
  • Day Zero Disaster Recovery with no data loss
Reviews &Testimonials
CNET Editor's Review 4.5 Strars of 5

“MagiCure Professional is aimed at less-experienced users, since its goal is to simplify the process of protecting and recovering your system from a variety of failures. But it also offers plenty of capabilities for more-experienced users who are looking for a better backup tool...”

”...That's the essence of its promise: by taking a daily "snapshot" of your system, any revolting developments that harm your system can be rolled back to the last functional state, so you can carry on computing instead of facing downtime and support calls.”



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