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Leave alone; as soon as you close your running DOS/16-bit program(s), NTVDM will disappear from your Task List under Windows 2000/XP/2003 although it will remain in your Task List under Windows when i delete it from my system32 directory it allways is there after some refresh.. This is a discussion on is wowexec.exe harm process? The threat is "_wowexec.exe" If u have a underscore or any other symbol before your file name, its a threat to you computer.

No problem with the file although I did notice that it seems to crash my browsers (IE, OP, FX) when they're trying to play embedded media files. Zaptec Utility that allows 16 bit programs to run on your 32 bit operating system. A space in front of the image name is a simple notation used by Microsoft to highlight a special program. The file is a Microsoft program for running 16 bit applications in Windows XP.

Xarlan i know this i run older kids games on my pc for the kids to play and since i use a pc i have read everything i need for the Of course deleting will solve your problems, because its only bad to delete the legit version if you actually play older games - like I do (Diablo 2, anyone?). This program enables Managing Your Money (accounting) software from the late 1980's, produced by Andrews Tobias, et al. See also: Link John Steel I found that this file is typically installed after or runs itself after using a old pc game for windows 98 or 95 era.

The space before it is supposed to be there to identify any 16-bit applications, Microsoft says so in this link (which is to a MICROSOFT site!) See also: Link Scott It It runs 16-bit .EXEs on a 32-bit computer. It's a part of the operating system and without it you can't run older games. Google Search for spyware MalwareBytes (spyware removal) Other Processes mssearchnet.exe tdispvol.exe wowexec.exe vm303_sti.exe omniserv.exe service.exe googledesktop.exe apdproxy.exe [all processes] Copyright © Neuber SoftwarePrivacy & Terms Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security

I did read though that "_wowexec.exe" is bad stuff. File search and registry show a space before the letter "W" in wow. Then delete the original. I don't remember it being there a month ago.

Now to the real question... R.G. However once a pc is rebooted it is out of the process list. Maybe it came with windows updates? 08-18-2006, 09:03 AM #7 nickster_uk Happy to support TSF!

  1. It is also possible that a virus / spyware / malware on your computer is 16bit and therefore launches wowexec.exe .
  2. Any other processes indented like that just means it is a 16-bit process.
  3. mike ok it's a little spy , but if u remove it fom starup in msconfig and rename it, won't do any harm.it can be removed manualy.

Some dude the file " wowexec.exe" is a windows file for loading old 16 bit software such as from windows 3.1 era, i loaded an old power rangers video clip showcase http://www.liutilities.com/windows-process/wowexec-exe/ If you have spyware related problems and cannot determine where it comes from it is most likely the culprit. I am unable to stop it or remove it at this time grendel_z It is blocking my browser. We recommend that you run a FREE registry scan to identify and list harmful registry entries on your computer.

Well thats my opinion. If you want it out of memory, stop the ntvdm process(es) that are active. The program is just what has been said here: It runs 16 bit programs without shredding your processor. When closed everything is back to normal.

it should be a virus/trojan. As stated before, this is a normal system process. Platinum Quickbook's timer for recording your hours uses it. I do not know its purpose though.

wowexec.exe it is definitly a kind of a virus or trojan, i couldnt delete it and even when i tried to control it with zonealarm it removes itself from the controled Microsoft Service Tech "Metalica11" A perfectly harmless executable for running old games. Otherwise, its a process used by Windows to play older games.

The file is there but creates a stealth file somewhere in the C:\ drive.

Only drawback seems to be that it stays resident in memory even after you exit from the game and sometimes will not allow another old game to launch until you manually bobo Help! Previous wmiprvse.exe Next wuauclt.exe Subscribe to our newsletter Sign Up Team Terms of Use Contact Policies CCM Benchmark Group health.ccm.net wmiprvse.exe wuauclt.exe See also: Link BartMan From Microsoft.com : 16-bit programs run under the virtual DOS Machine (VDM).

It may, however, be allowing a 16 bit prog to run that blocks your IE. Duftopia I also keep my puter very clean, and just saw this file in task manager, I deleted it in Windows, and in Registry. This is false statement: You can identify the trojan as it has a space before the name, which may be because it is attaching itself to another process. As a helpful v See also: Link Alex The space before "wowexec.exe" in the task manager is supposed to be there.

dho once it starts and lauches the 16 bit app Like sheep or orange, the wowexec can be terminated safely cause t did it's job and will do so each time not troubling my computer ,but it got funny virus like name Sirius John Steel Nailed this Issue with wowexec & ntvdm , If you are still concerned about your version check Recommended: Identify wowexec.exe related errors Important: Some malware disguises itself as wowexec.exe, particularly when not located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. If it has no space "wowexec.exe" then it is a windows system file.